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HarbourLink – A Sustainable Transport Vision

The community wants sustainable, healthy solutions to the problems of ever-increasing traffic congestion, pollution and obesity rates.

HarbourLink would provide a mostly elevated shared user path (SUP) from the Sydney Harbour Bridge through to Naremburn, completing this "missing link".  At Naremburn the 7.5km long SUP extends along the southern side of the Gore Hill Freeway, underpassing the Pacific Highway then through Lane Cove (Epping Rd) to North Ryde.

PricewaterhouseCoopers / Sinclair Knight Merz released the $168,037 draft report into this 3km long 'missing link' on 16 September 2010 identifying a massive benefit / cost ratio of nearly 5 to 1 ....... click on our 'news' button for the latest details.

Close to 800 cyclists an hour ride across the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the morning peak, this being close to 10% of the car crossings.

The RMS's latest cyclist counts (see news) show that there was a 133% increase in SHB trips in the 4-year period 2007 - 2011.

The NSW BikePlan released in May 2010 states (page 24) "The number of cyclists crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge on an average work day grew by over 60 per cent between 2006 and 2009."

HarbourLink would provide a major impetus to cycling in a region where there is a very significant latent demand for this form of active transport. Not only would it provide commuters with an additional mode of transport, it would also enable recreation along a superbly graded facility. 

Why HarbourLink?

The HarbourLink proposal was developed to:

1.  complete the 3 km long 'missing link' through to Naremburn, where the cycleway / shared path extends for 7.5 km through Lane Cove (Epping Rd) to North Ryde ..... funding of $1.36M for 1.3km of this facility between Miller St and the Ridge St bridge over the freeway was announced on 2 July 2010, but 6 weeks later at the next meeting on August 13 we were informed that only design will occur.

2.  allow cyclists the option of avoiding the North Sydney CBD with its steep terrain, limited road options, one-way streets and the dangers from the high traffic volumes including buses and trucks ..... arguably the worst cycling environment in any Australian city.

3.  provide a superbly graded facility of just 3% on the climb up the Warringah Freeway corridor compared to the on-road grade of 6%. 

4.  restore access along the Warringah Freeway corridor where motorists have signal free conditions. Prior to the construction of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and its opening in August 1992, cyclists could legally ride on the northbound shoulder of the freeway, but this option was eliminated.

5.  provide cyclists with an alternative to the archaic 55 steps at the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

6.  further encourage healthy, sustainable transport through cycling.  The SHB cycleway has the highest concentration of cyclists in Australia, with close to 800 in one hour riding across the bridge on Ride2Work day.  Counts were also undertaken on Super Tuesday (March 2) and again on the following Tuesday, when 600 cyclists in just one hour (7.15 am - 8.15am) rode across the SHB.

To support the project, North Sydney Council allocated $80,000 from its 2007-8 bicycle budget to improve the bike route between North Sydney and Willoughby.  These funds were used to develop the HarbourLink vision, together with posters and an excellent 8-minute DVD that is now available.

  Watch the DVD yourself at:

PUBLICITY POSTERS  Publicity posters are available ..... glossy colour 59cm x 42cm and/or colour photocopies A3 & A4.  We want your help to get these displayed in businesses (including shops) in the municipality of North Sydney and surrounding areas.  Email us at: with your details. PDF versions are available from the get involved page. Thanks for your support.

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